Student Resources

It’s all about the students…

Here are some links that you might find interesting. Click on the titles to check them out. 

Be sure to check with your parents before using any new websites!


  • a fun way to practice your numbers and letters.


  •  books of all levels and interest.  Great way to increase your reading library.


  • a great way to learn and have fun with music


  • music education for everyone


  • If you are doing research for a school project, then this is the site for you. This will give you access to magazines, newspapers, maps, tv documentaries, encyclopedias, etc.  If you want to use this site contact Mrs. Howatt for the password.

Kids Help Phone

  • As a leader in the harnessing of technology to improve the well-being of kids, Kids Help Phone has transformed its online counselling services with the launch of Phase One of a fully transformed Kids’ Website. Developed with the needs and skills of today’s technology-savvy kids in mind, and the mission of providing the most relevant and expert-reviewed information, is the only online community in Canada to offer young people a place to go for direct and indirect web-based counselling services.

How Stuff Works

  • This award-winning site clearly and concisely tells kids (and adults!) how different things work — from the everyday (how automobile engines run) to the unusual (how Jell-O sets).

Fact Monster

  • This is a one-stop reference source of kid-friendly facts and articles. The award-winning site also has loads of interactive tools that encourage kids to improve their math, spelling and vocabulary.

CBC Kids

  • This terrific extension of CBC’s educational and entertaining programming for kids targets specific ages like preschool, after school and teens. Activities include non-violent games like Canuck Rally and interactive horoscopes.

PBS Kids

  • The activities and games on this award-winning site feature many of the characters from kids’ favourite TV shows, including Caillou, Clifford, Barney and Oscar the Grouch. Easy navigation makes it friendly for young and first-time Internet users. There’s also an extensive resource section for parents and teachers.

  • A great place for kids to find things to do — not just at the computer, but anywhere. The million and one games, magic tricks, recipes, experiments and craft projects will put a stop to the “Mom, I’m bored” syndrome.

Digital Museum of Canada

  • Multimedia presentations, image galleries and interactive games make learning Canadian history and geography a lot more fun.


  • Games, brain twisters and colouring-book activities for a variety of age groups help make math fun. A great site for kids who are struggling with multiplication and need to practise their skills.

Science Made Simple

  • This no-frills site helps kids learn science the easy, hands-on way with clear, detailed answers to their questions and lots of fun projects and experiments.

National Geographic Kids!

  • The best part of this all-round great site is the current affairs section, written in easy-to-understand language, so kids can keep on top of new archaeological digs and historical discoveries.